Credible Carbon is a voluntary market carbon registry that certifies and trades credits from Southern African projects. The registry is reserved for abatement projects that make a direct contribution to poverty alleviation. Credible Carbon is motivated by the need to make this market work for public benefit.

Credible Carbon is the result of PACE's efforts over the past eight years to make the global carbon work in favour of poverty alleviation projects in Southern Africa. It was difficulty in securing carbon market revenue for our own projects that led us to create a registry. Credible Carbon was designed to support projects (not itself!) and constantly seeks to reduce the transaction costs for small, poverty alleviating initiatives that result in a quantifiable reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Read more

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News from the PACE website

02 November 2016
South Africa has ratified the Paris Agreement on climate change. In doing so, it has joined the growing momentum to take climate action.
01 June 2016
Credible Carbon in the 2016 Voluntary Carbon Market Report once again.: Voluntary buyers around the world paid to offset 84.1 million tons of carbon dioxide in 2015. The average price of carbon offsets fell 14% to an all-time low of US$3.3 per ton.

Register your Project with us

Register your project with Credible Carbon to sell carbon credits. 

Eligible projects should:

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions relative to business as usual in a quantifiable manner.
  • Result in a greenhouse gas emissions reduction of at least 600 tCO2 per annum.
  • Make a discernable impact on poverty.

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The PACE Centre aims to make the carbon market work in Southern Africa, and links carbon revenue with poverty alleviation. We offer support, advice and access to the Credible Carbon registry in order to facilitate local carbon-saving projects that have developmental benefits through the sale of carbon credits on Credible Carbon.

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